Zambrana, the third generation in the dressing room

Miguel Zambrana Cueto is the new kit manager along with Juan Carlos Salcedo. He follows in the family trade after his father and grandfather.


24/07/2020 14:28

The Zambrana name has been linked to Malaguismo for over 75 years. José Zambrana Carretero, known as ‘Pepillo’, was CD Málaga’s first kitman, serving the team with professionalism and dedication for more than 40 seasons. As the club disappeared, AT Malagueño became the city’s first team – later renamed Málaga CF – where his son, Miguel Zambrana Gómez, was head of equipment. Caring for this shield with love for more than 30 years, today he leaves the post to the third Zambrana, his heir, Miguel Zambrana Cueto.

Miguel Zambrana the father is a well-loved and respected member of the Malaguista family. His personality, friendly and approachable, is one of the most charismatic in the dressing room. Together with his inseparable colleague, Juan Carlos Salcedo, they formed the perfect pairing, winning the admiration of each and every one of the professionals who have passed through the team, both coaches and players.

Due to the situation that has arisen with the new restructuring of the Club, Miguel retires to make way for his son, who has learned so much from the ‘Pichitas’ – as the MCF kit managers are known. As such, the third generation of Zambrana steps forward, a name that will likely be around for a century with the Blue and Whites.

Thank you so much Miguel for your professionalism. We can see your values of honesty and dedication in your son. We’re sure we remain in the best hands.

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