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10th anniversary of the Malaguista Supporters' Club for the Deaf!

Málaga Club de Fútbol participated yesterday in the 10th anniversary of one of our special Malaguista Supporters' Clubs.

In the popular area of Nueva Málaga, situated next to Plaza Fernando Hipólito Lancha, is the headquarters of a passionately Malaguista supporters’ group.

The ‘Peña Malaguista de Personas Sordas’ is now 10 years old, headed by Félix Barranquero with over a hundred members. The Club attended the celebration, represented by Francisco Martín Aguilar, Protocol and Institutional Relations adviser, and Blue and White first team player, Pablo Hervías.

“Anything that involves interacting with the fans is good, and more so with these people. It’s great that they come to see all the games. That’s also what we’re playing for, to make them happy,” said Hervías to MCFTV.

The right winger signed autographs and took photos to the delight of everyone present, in a very well organised event that included the visit of representatives of Granada CF’s ‘Peña de Personas Sordas’, MCF’s next rival at La Rosaleda, and whose members will be watching the Andalusian duel next Thursday.

The Club presented a team shirt signed by Hervías to the supporters’ club and there was a spectacular cake to commemorate the special day. In addition, Martín Aguilar gave his thanks to the peñas and toasted to a successful future for the Club, with the traditional gesture of applause from the deaf supporters, waving their hands with great joy.

Endearing, committed and celebrating 10 years of Malaguismo! Thank you for Loving Our Own!