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120th anniversary of Malaguismo; It's inexplicable, but explains everything

Málaga CF officially presents the campaign to celebrate 120 years of football in Málaga.

On 3rd April 1904, Málaga Football Club divided into two teams (A and B) to play a match of that 'new English sport’ that was taking over the streets of Spain. As many as 3,000 people gathered to watch the match, no more no less.

On that spring Sunday, the city of Málaga would change forever. Its citizens unleashed an uncontrollable passion, an unconditional love that overcomes mergers, disappearances, name changes and everything else imaginable. Málaga CF is the legitimate heir to a unique feeling with infinite power.

Now, 120 years later, the Malaga fans once again show signs of their greatness. In a historically adverse context, Malaguismo is in better health than ever, filling La Rosaleda stadium in every match and accompanying the team en masse on all away games. A feeling that 'is inexplicable', but at the same time 'explains everything'.

This Thursday, at La Rosaleda’s Museum&Tour, the campaign was presented to the media. MCF’s general manager, Kike Pérez, explained to those present the commemorative actions organised to celebrate the anniversary, among which are a special t-shirt, a new anthem penned by El Kanka, a match between legends, a round table, a video with a timeline and hidden prizes around the city for groups of fans. Minister of Institutional Relations, Francisco Martín Aguilar; the representative from the Malaguista Senate, Luis Merino; and historian Domingo Muñoz also participated in this exciting presentation.

Málaga CF has designed a very special logo for this anniversary. It’s a synthesis of the emblems of the city's first team. Framed in one of the most recognisable silhouettes of CD Málaga, we find the representation of Gibralfaro and the Blue and White colours. Also featured are the four shades of blue most used by Malaguismo.

It is accompanied by the motto 'It’s inexplicable, but explains everything'. This is not a simple commercial slogan, it’s a statement as contradictory as it is accurate. It perfectly defines the essence of a unique feeling that cannot be explained in words, but that at the same time explains everything.

Happy 120th anniversary, Malaguistas!