Pellicer: “We lacked clarity”

The coach held a remote press conference following #TenerifeMálaga. “We now need to focus on the match against Castellón”, he stated.


14/09/2020 11:07

Analysis of the 2-0 defeat

“We started out well, with a good action on the attack on the right wing that we’ve been working on. The feelings were positive. Then in minute 20 or 25 they began to feel more comfortable, without creating any dangerous opportunities, but in the end they managed to, and we took a step backwards”.

The positive and not so positive

“We lacked a degree of pause with the ball. In a throw-in, a second play, we weren’t so good (in the first goal); then in the second half we lacked clarity. We were about to bring Orlando out and they scored the second goal, which threw us off course. The positives are the players, the young lads went out there, but we need to improve and analyse the mistakes ahead of the match against Castellón”.

Castellón in mind

“We’re in the middle of a process that the sooner is resolved the better for everyone. Not just the coaching team, the Club, the fans…to be able to work with greater peace of mind. However, there are no excuses, we need to be self-critical, demanding and focus on the match against Castellón. Hopefully we’ll have some positive news so we can have a clearer idea about the squad”.

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