Antonio Hidalgo: “Returning to La Rosaleda will be very special”

One of the icons of Malaguismo is, in his own right, Antonio Hidalgo. After securing promotion to LaLiga SmartBank as coach of Sabadell the day before yesterday in Marbella, he’s happy with the achievement and grateful for the love from ‘his’ Málaga.


28/07/2020 14:19

Antonio, destiny links you to Málaga again… Promotion with Sabadell!

No word of a lie, when I knew everything was going to happen in Málaga, it was an honour. It was like a sign, you know the superstitions we all have, but I didn’t want to give it too much importance. You know what Málaga means to me, it was a sign. In the end we did it, it’s an incredible feeling.

We achieved our goal of staying up, but with a great deal of suffering…

I follow you every day, a great deal, and I’m so relieved that Málaga remains in professional football. There have been some tough moments throughout the year, but they’ve passed, and now you’re with Sergio (Pellicer) and Manolo (Gaspar) who work so hard. People of the house, people of the club, who know what this shield means. I know they’ll give their all to make a great squad so Málaga can compete at any ground.

Knowing you, you’ll already be thinking about Málaga-Sabadell next season.

I renewed in December, I have another two years on my contract here and I’m very happy to be home. Obviously, returning to La Rosaleda will be very special. I have come back here on the odd occasion, but never for a match and always without the crowd. I can’t wait to see La Rosaleda with the fans back in the stands, people who gave me so much love, and whom I have so much love for. These are games you have in mind and hopefully they’ll go ahead in this situation.

Do you have a few words for the Malagueños and Malaguistas who are delighted about your success?

Above all, I send a message of thanks to the people of Málaga. To everyone who has supported me, for that affection I still feel now; it’s incredible. After so many years I still feel that same affection and get goose bumps when I come to the city. I hope they continue to love and support Málaga as they do, they are the most important and the best part of the club. I have great love for them and wish them the very best.

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