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MCF: Memory

Pepi, Manolo and Encarnación are three Malaguistas of Commitment, Faith and lots and lots of Memories. Blue and White supporters who are the backbone of our history.

Pepi Robles is a Málaga fan from birth. She inherited her Malaguista passion “from my father, and my whole family followed,” she stated, adding that “as far as I can remember, we have come out of worse situations.”

Pepi's faith is still intact. “Yes we can, we still can.” Her message to the Malaguista fans is clear: “May all the fans come to support the team. We can move forward with them.”

Manolo Ramos, a legendary Blue and White supporter, has always considered “Málaga as my family. The first game I saw was when my father brought me, so long ago, and we walked from the Carretera de Cádiz,” he recalled.

His contact over the years with the Malaguista supporters’ groups authorises him to speak of a “very strong spirit,” which encourages “the stadium to fill up” even in these seriously tough times. Pure fans.  

Manolo sees no difference between “Málaga Club de Fútbol or Club Deportivo Málaga,” and appreciates the importance of “all fighting together. Let’s hold hands and all move forward,” he said.

Encarnación Perraut, another lifelong follower of Málaga, describes herself as a “Malaguista because I am a Malagueña. When I was three years old, my father explained the game to me,” she recalls with emotion.

“We’re all going to fight for it,” she commented. “Is it very difficult? Yes. Is it impossible? No. Difficult, yes, but impossible, no,” in perfect harmony with the end of the above MCFTV video in which Duda scored the historic goal against Real Madrid, at La Rosaleda, keeping us in the division in the 2009/10 season.