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The competition will have a great deal of incentive

Loren Juarros spoke to MCFTV after confirming that Málaga CF will compete in Primera Federación Group 2 in the 23/24 season. “It’s logical to divide north and south,” he stated.

“In the end the planning went with the logic of the initial approach, to divide north and south. Due to financial issues, clubs won’t have to travel as far, it’s more comfortable, and it favours the economy of the clubs. It’s important to look at this in this division, in which nobody has anything to spare,” commented the Club's sporting director.

Regarding the away matches, many of them will be against Andalusian rivals, “they will be trips to allow the teams’ fans to be able to travel, to enjoy that support, in derbies or regional competition, and it will have a great deal of incentive,” asserted the Malaguista director.

In regard to the category of the teams, “many are currently being formed and we don’t have an assessment yet of the squads to see which players are joining or what economic capacity they are dealing with,” Loren added.

“We’re going to face two important reserve teams, from Madrid, and then four away fixtures a little further away such as Ceuta and Melilla, the Balearic Islands and Ibiza,” he continued. He went on by appealing to the logic in the creation of the groups and hard work being the key to success: “This has a normal logic, it’s the category that it is, and we are going to have to compete with everyone. In the end, whether it's one team or another, it depends on what you do. Our work will determine what happens, more than the teams we're going to come up against.”