Yanis: “We’re frustrated after this game”

The goal-scorer in #MálagaRealOviedo said a few words after the game. “We have 28 points from the first round, we need to continue on as the objective is getting closer”, he said.


09/01/2021 21:42


“We’re frustrated as the match was going well for us. We started out well and took the lead. After the goal, they took a step forward, but we continued to have good counter-attacks, we stayed calm and the goal came in the second half. We’re angry as we needed a win at home, and today we came close”.


“It was a direct play, Cristian saw the opportunity, he passed it to me and I got a good goal”.


“I don't know if we deserved more or not, as we can be so close to a win and then it escapes again. In regard to the penalty, the referee says he saw his hand was supported. We have to focus on what we can do and do it well, and these actions do not depend on us”.

Team dynamic

“We’re on the right track, yet in many games the results aren’t going our way. We’re doing many things well. We have 28 points from the first round we need to continue on as the objective is getting closer. Playing like this, we’re doing well”.


“We’ve scored a good number of points and feel good about the first round. There have been matches where it’s not been easy for the coach, due to the registrations and the players, but we took them forward. In matches like the one against Albacete and also today’s clash, we deserved more. We should be happy, the team is going up, we’re recovering players who are going to be important. We’re doing well and should hold our heads up”.

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09/01/2021 20:35 | Report

Another point to end the first round (1-1)

It was a draw for Málaga CF and Real Oviedo this evening. Yanis Rahmani and Nahuel scored the goals, a foul was called in the rival area and the locals were down to 10 men as Escassi was sent off.