Xavi Cencillo: “I’ll always carry Málaga in my heart”

The former Atlético Malagueño player, who recently announced his retirement due to health problems, says his conscience is clear “because being healthy I reached the highest possible level, at a club like Málaga”.


26/06/2020 19:40

The young striker kicked off the 19/20 season within the ranks of the Blue and White reserve team and is grateful and happy to be able to bid farewell to the Malaguista fans. Stay strong, Xavi!

Health takes priority

“It’s a very difficult situation, having to say goodbye at 21 years of age. But health must take priority. My conscience is clear because being healthy I reached the highest possible level, at a club like Málaga. It’s important to look after yourself and look at it in the most positive way you can. Whilst healthy I was always fully involved in all the Clubs I’ve been with”.

His time at the Club

“I learned a lot from my teammates and the coaches I’ve had. I will remember it as a wonderful stage in my life. It was brief, but the city and everyone in it treated me so well. I very much enjoyed the Málaga facilities, and above all, I made some great friends on the team. I really enjoyed playing football”.

Message to his former teammates

“I have a personal struggle, day to day, it’s difficult, but you learn to live with it. I wish I was able to play football, but my health won’t allow it. To my teammates I say keep training hard, particularly hard in the reserve team so that they can enjoy opportunities with the first team. I also send a message of support to everyone who has lost loved ones due to the coronavirus. I’ll always carry Málaga in my heart, I’ll always follow the team closely and am another ‘boquerón’”.

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