“We’re going to give absolutely everything”

Javi Jiménez had a few words for the media this Thursday at La Rosaleda. “The match against Amorebieta is a very important one, as are all the remaining games,” he said.


03/03/2022 14:41

Speaking about Cartagena and their equaliser in the final second, “it’s still a blow but I think the team remained balanced. Not just in this match, we’ve tried to stay balanced for some time now,” said the left-back, who adds that “regardless of the result, this week we’ve been analysing the mistakes we’ve been making. Looking at what we did wrong, so it doesn’t happen again this weekend away to Amorebieta”, he continued.

The number ‘3’ sees the team as “highly organised on the pitch, both in attack and defence, gradually implementing the ideas that Natxo is conveying to us. Since he arrived until now, the team has been in a period of full growth.”

The match in Lezama “is a very important one, not just this one, but all the remaining games. We know very well what’s at stake this weekend, and every day, we’re very much aware,” said the Malaguista left-back.

Javi ended by stating: “Let there be no doubt that we’re going to give absolutely everything, not just in Amorebieta, but in all the matches that are left to try and earn maximum points and get out of this hole as soon as possible.”

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25/04/2022 13:22 | Training

Back to training at the Annexe

Málaga CF returned to training this Monday morning, following a day off yesterday, at La Rosaleda’s Annexe. Javi Jiménez, who sustained injury during #MálagaEibar, was absent from training.