“We’ll do all we can with heart, soul and a cool head”

Malaguista coach, Sergio Pellicer held a remote press conference at La Rosaleda ahead of tomorrow’s match in Castellón. “We are all going to improve, and victories will soon come”, he affirmed.


18/09/2020 14:57

Winning message

“We know what Málaga means, we have that firmly in sight, that reality, but it is not an excuse. The winning mentality has to withstand that pressure, but we also have to release a certain degree of pressure from the players, so they can have peace of mind. Tomorrow, beyond the result, we’ll see an aggressive team that will go all out for victory. We’ll do all we can with heart, soul and a cool head…with those virtues we have, seriousness, honesty, balance, patience and prudence, that’s the way forward. We are all going to improve, and victories will soon come”.

Win for the people

“We are going there with the idea of giving our fans that first win. They are the ones who truly suffer. We need the union of everybody, the fans, the media, people at the Club who are working 24 hours a day, the ‘Grada de Animación’, who will be cheering us on at home, as we all win together. That’s the message”.

What’s new?

“Lombán is registered and Matos is in a similar situation to Orlando Sá in the fist match in Tenerife. We believe, with the great work of the Club’s legal services, that it will be resolved. We know the registration issue isn’t straightforward, which is why 24 players are going. We’ll try our best to put out the best starting line-up we can and prepare various plans for the match. It’s important to focus on the objective of winning our first three points, which we cannot wait to do”.

Winning team

“We don’t want to make excuses, but we’re aware of the complexity we’re going to have in the first month of competition. The new players have already recognised what Málaga is. To be a winning team you have to be highly demanding and know how to deal with any pressure. I’m certain that, little by little the players, who have been training every well this week, are going to loosen up and we’ll help them as much as we can. They are the true stars and actors of this show”.

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