Welcome, Mr. Mel!

MCFTV accompanied Pepe Mel on his first day as Málaga Club de Fútbol manager. A special day he’ll surely never forget.


21/09/2022 21:16

Our ‘MCF Inside’ tracks the first day in Pepe Mel's new office. His arrival at La Rosaleda, the signing of the contract as the new Blue and White coach, his presentation press conference to the media and the first open-door training session in front of the fans on the main pitch at Martiricos.

An exciting day for Málaga CF’s 29th coach since the Entity changed its name in 1994. A debut for Mel, as well as the new members of his coaching team, Nacho Pérez and Nacho Oria, who accompanied him at all times.

Hit play and enjoy!

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01/10/2022 19:28 | Press conference

Pepe Mel: “Málaga need to win”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following #RacingMálaga. “This is the first time this team has gone two straight matches without defeat. And the first time we’ve kept a clean sheet. I’m going to try and build on that,” he stressed.