“We know the coach’s concepts off by heart; he can crack the whip”

MCFTV brings you another face to face between Málaga CF players. On this occasion, the stars are Juankar and reserve team goalkeeper, Kellyan.


22/05/2020 11:58


Group training

“As well as having contact between teammates, the dynamics change. Individual training is different to collective training in small groups as there’s contact, goals, shots at goal, crosses… It’s more like what we’re used to. Hopefully we’ll move on to the next phase shortly and we can start training with the whole group”.

Working hard to be on top form

“We all know the coach’s concepts off by heart, and have done since he arrived, the idea is to be as physically fit as we can as quickly as possible in order to be ready to compete. We know there’s a high risk of injury due to the short-term physical preparation, but we’re going to try to be in the best shape possible and continue fighting”.

Responsible and professional

“I believe we’ve always been professional and, as much as we’ve looked after ourselves, we’ve been at home for two months. It’s not the same working at home with the bike to training here. We’re responsible, we take care of ourselves and are trying to get to peak fitness quickly. We’re working to get back to performing at 100 per cent as we did before this happened”.



Group training

“We were so looking forward to getting back to training. As I said before, it’s wonderful to be back, but I didn’t realise how great it would be to see my teammates and be able to interact with them. Just joking around, seeing how they understand you on the pitch, being in goal, having your teammates take a shot, they’re all on top form, which for me is an incredible satisfaction”.

Eager to play

“You can tell that we’re all raring to get back to competition. It’s not the same training alone as here the coach can crack the whip. In the end, when you can see your teammates giving their all, this spurs us on”.


“The fans are key to everything for us. They’ve always been there, so we need to come back at full fitness and mentally stronger for them. We can see all the fans’ love and support on social media, which makes us want to train harder all the time. When the competition returns, even though it’ll be behind closed doors, we want to make them happy and achieve our objective”.

Talking about... Juankar, Kellyan

28/05/2020 12:30 | Interview

Kellyan and Juande, face to face

Both homegrown players talk to MCFTV about the team’s eagerness and energy ahead of the resumption of the competition: “We’re like children waiting to be able to step on to the pitch at La Rosaleda again”.