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Press conference

“They were very forceful in the final metres”

Natxo González held a press conference following the 3-0 defeat at Anduva. “We cannot lose faith,” he said to the media following his debut as Blue and White coach.

The coach from Vitoria is clear that “this is a resounding result. We’ve been here for two days and are still getting to know the team, both individually and as a group. We need to determine the weaknesses and work hard to improve, of course,” he said.

Talking about Mirandés, Natxo praised their punch: “They were very forceful in the final metres. They have quality players who can really unbalance a game. They are the third highest scoring team in the division at home, with almost two goals on average. We weren’t surprised.”

The match soon became an uphill struggle: “We got to half-time and started the second half with a Jairo situation. Then they scored the third and it became very difficult to make a comeback. Our aim was to really get into the match, but that third goal made it very tough for us,” said the MCF coach, who hopes the team will grow in the near future. “I told the lads at half-time that we cannot lose faith. We must continue growing from here on in, it's like starting from scratch and improving,” he concluded.