The locals’ punch neutralises MCF in Almería (2-0)

Defeat for Málaga CF by 2-0 against UDA. The goals from Sadiq (51’) and Chumi (58’) poured cold water on what was an extraordinary first half for the Blue and Whites.


04/09/2021 23:06

The Blue and Whites (wearing black today) came up against the Red and Whites on matchday 4 of LaLiga SmartBank at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos, in front of a good crowd despite the restrictions. The climate wasn’t ideal; warm and humid, but the atmosphere and the good condition of the pitch made for an exciting game of football.

In terms of play, Málaga CF stepped on to the pitch without any difficulties in the face of a team determined to get to the top of the rankings. José Alberto López’s men went out there with intensity and ambition, with the clear objective of controlling the pace of play and taking the lead on the scoreboard as soon as there was an opportunity.

The visitors were superior in several parts of the match and made several approaches into the opposite area with fluidity. Barely seven minutes had passed when Paulino came close to a 0-1 lead. Cufré launched a corner for Víctor Gómez who sent the ball to the heart of the area. The number ‘7’ didn’t manage to connect with the ball, but the action shook up the rival defence.

The most promising opportunity of the first half featured Braian Cufré in 22’, as a free kick from the left-back missed the target by millimetres. After several approaches to both areas, the scoreboard remained unchanged at half-time.

It was barely a minute into the second half and UD Almería were down to 10 men. A defensive error from Iván Martos forced him a make a foul on a Malaguista player leading to his second yellow card. The locals however went on to open the scoring in minute 51. Striker Sadiq headed a good cross from the left into the goal (1-0).

Despite the goal, the Malaguistas didn’t give up their attacking efforts and immediately tried to go level. Víctor Gómez came close in 53’ with a promising cross shot. Unfortunately for the Blue and Whites, his attempt fell short of the post.

The Red and Whites went on to increase their lead thanks to Chumi in minute 58. The player gained possession of the ball inside the area to net the 2-0. The goal was checked by VAR due to the dubious position of the striker, but it was allowed.

The blow didn’t stop the Malaguistas from continuing to seek to overcome the rival defence. Roberto and Jozabed came up against goalkeeper Fernando on two further occasions (69 'and 71'). In the second, the goalkeeper saved a clear header from the midfielder at the very base of the post.

Málaga CF kept insisting until the end, but fatigue took over and the UD Almería punch held their 2-0 lead at the full-time whistle. The first defeat of the season for the Malaguistas at one of the toughest grounds in LaLiga SmartBank, the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos.

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04/06/2022 12:49 | First team / La Academia

Various Malaguista internationals in action

Samu Román debuted this week with the Under-16s, Víctor Gómez enjoyed a big win yesterday with the under-21s, and reserve team players Bilal and Haitam are playing a friendly today with Morocco’s Under-23s.

MCF / J4 LaLiga SmartBank

2-0 Go Live
  • Fernando
  • Iván Martos
  • Buñuel
  • Sergio Akieme
  • Chumi
  • Curro (70')
  • C. de la Hoz
  • Samuel Costa
  • Lazo (70')
  • Largie Ramazani (55')
  • Umar Sadiq (89')


  • Makaridze
  • Arvin Appiah (90')
  • Fuoli
  • Arnau Puigmal Martínez
  • Javi Robles (71')
  • Raul Caballero
  • Pozo (56')
  • Aitor Puñal
  • Álex Centelles
  • Portillo (71')
  • Babic
  • Dani Barrio
  • Juan de Dios Rivas
  • Víctor Gómez
  • Peybernes
  • Braian Cufré (75')
  • Genaro
  • Luis Muñoz (75')
  • Kevin (45')
  • Paulino De la Fuente (66')
  • Brandon
  • Antoñin (66')


  • Sekou
  • David Lombán
  • Haitam Abaida
  • Ismael Casas
  • Dani Martín
  • Jozabed (67')
  • Jairo (45')
  • Ramón Enríquez (76')
  • Antonio Santos
  • Iván Calero
  • J. Jiménez (76')
  • Roberto Fernández (67')


Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos


  • 1-0 (51'). Umar Sadiq
  • 2-0 (58'). Chumi


Jon Ander González Esteban awarded Iván Martos (22')(46'), Largie Ramazani (27') from UD Almería y Víctor Gómez (3'), Kevin (23'), Luis Muñoz (57') from Málaga CF.