Tesesa Christmas Competition (1): Farfán and Escassi

The two Malaguista players challenge one other to answer questions about the Club and general Málaga culture. Who will be the winner?


18/12/2020 17:23

Two mixed teams made up of three members, featuring players from the male and female first team, all wearing their Blue and White Christmas hats. One, the blue team, wearing the home shirt, made up of Escassi, María Ruiz and Natalia Padilla. The other team, the green team, wearing the away shirt, includes Joaquín Muñoz, Yanis Rahmani and Farfán.

The competition consists of three rounds hosted by our main sponsor, Tesesa. The first five points of the series, from five correct answers, is between Escassi representing the blue team, and Farfán for the greens. On each correct answer, each contestant will put a bauble of their team colour on the Christmas tree.

Who will win the first round? Find out in the above video!

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