Sadiku and Dani Strindholm, face to face

Both players had a chat with the Club’s official media following training. “It’s unimaginable being with the first team and fighting for a place. It’s a dream”, said the young goalkeeper.


23/05/2020 16:43

Group training 


“We’re happy to be training in groups of 10 players. We’re working very well. At last we can train with our teammates”. 


“It’s a big change as we can see our teammates in training after such a long time, it’s wonderful. They give us a lot of advice. Adrián, Munir etc always give great advice”. 


Sergio Pellicer’s indications 


“The coach is giving details of how to play, as if it were a match. We’re getting ready for the upcoming game”. 

Dani Strindholm  

“As there’s less of us, it’s easier for him to give the instructions, so it’s great”. 


Change of training phase 


“Hopefully within the next few days we can all train together, as if we don’t do that, we won’t be ready to start. I think next week the whole team will be training together and we’ll be ready for the first match”. 

Dani Strindholm  

“It would be great before LaLiga starts for the entire group to work together on tactics”. 


Training with the first team 


“This is amazing for me. I‘ve been a Málaga season ticket holder since I was 12 and it’s unimaginable being with the first team and fighting for a place, helping my teammates. It’s a dream”. 


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