Rosaleda Connection (III): Isa Guerrero

The third report brought to us by TESESA in which we share an exciting chat with a true great of Malaguista women's football, Isa Guerrero.


10/06/2021 17:00

Kind, friendly and charismatic. Isabel María Guerrero Muñoz chatted to MCFTV in the magnificent facilities of one of our main sponsors, TESESA, with her unmistakable kindness, recalling the magical moments in her career.

Isa is a super champion. An absolute icon, together with her inseparable Manolo Hernández Navarrete, of Club Atlético Málaga who Malaguismo fell in love with at the end of the last century, being a pioneer in the increasingly recognised world of women's football.

Yes, she was a player, amongst many other roles. However, she excitedly reminds us that she was the first Malagueña football coach. The 97/98 season was a particularly memorable one for Isa. The year of the famous triple with the League, Copa de la Reina and Supercopa wins, and Atlético Málaga emerging as the best women’s team in Spain. Not forgetting the welcome at La Rosaleda by the male first team when the trophies were shown to the Malaguista fans.

Shirts, anecdotes, trophy replicas... Any memory of that time excites Isa Guerrero. Recalling her retirement as a player, in which she received a commemorative plaque for her lengthy and successful sporting career, brought tears to her eyes at times. Also, of course, when she talks about Manolo Navarrete, whom she describes as “more than a father” for her. An adviser, a friend, a faithful companion on a tricky path full of difficulties, especially financial ones.

Don’t miss the end of the report featuring Andrés Calamaro's colossal Estadio Azteca playing in the background, and a very nostalgic Isa. With TESESA as an exceptional witness, we too get emotional because “remembering is living again”.

Hit play and enjoy, Malaguista!

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