Rosaleda Connection (I): Duda

TESESA opens its doors to show Malaguismo the story behind one of the Club’s legends. Duda tells us countless tales about his sporting career and his most personal side.


14/05/2021 17:50

‘Malagueño’ and Malaguista. This is how you define Sergio Paulo Barbosa Valente ‘Duda’. Half his life linked to Málaga CF, a true idol and the player who wore the Blue and White jersey the most.

Duda looked back on his life during his visit to TESESA, from the origin of his alias to the present day, in his role as director of the Club’s Academy.

However, it wasn’t just any interview. Duda was surprised to find various items that have marked his life along the way, carefully showcased in the row of cabinets at the TESESA store. One by one he took them out and told the MCFTV cameras the memories that came to mind with those ‘treasures’ from his personal museum.

First of all, he was asked why he’s known as Duda, then he showed his medal from the Under-18 European Championships in 1999, going on to his time as a Málaga CF player.

The shirt from the 2003/04 season was also part of the memories, a jersey that marked his career as a Malaguista symbol. Duda also looked back at the football with which he scored the historic goal to ensure the team remained in the First Division in 2009/10.

Duda also recalled his participation in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, one of his top moments as a player. With the Blue and Whites, he touched the sky in 2012/13 taking part in the Champions League, and he also looks back at that milestone.

The final part of his career was featured in another cupboard, from which he brought out his retirement shirt from the 2016/17 season, as well as the plaque presented to him by Málaga CF as the player with the most matches under his belt with the team, totalling 349.

One of Duda’s proudest recognitions is the ‘M de Málaga’ which the Diputación de Málaga awarded him on 26 February 2018 for his career with the Blue and White squad and his contribution to Malaga football.

Finally, he found the shin guards with which he played, looked back on significant photos from his life and talked about his current role as the visible head of The Academy.

A very emotional journey through the life of Duda in this first episode of the Rosaleda Connection. Another Malaguista will soon walk through the TESESA doors to find their most treasured objects.

Don’t miss this tell-all interview with Duda, our captain.

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