Pellicer: “What a blessed problem, we’re improving based on scoring points”

The Malaguista coach spoke to the media during a remote press conference at La Rosaleda, the day before #RCDMallorcaMálaga. “We need to be at 200 per cent to compete and go for the win”, he affirmed.


28/10/2020 14:45

Mallorca, next challenge

“We must try to extend the dynamics and undefeated streak as long as we can, particularly when it comes to scoring points. We have two major challenges, and we will continue along the line of being an intense team and maintaining that high pace during the game. We’re up against a rival (Mallorca) that is a predator, a team that when they dominate has many mechanisms to do you some damage inside and out. Even when they are being dominated, they feel comfortable. Looking at the numbers, they are a solid team, having kept a clean sheet for seven matches on the bounce, which is something only few could achieve. We need to be at 200 per cent to compete and give ourselves options to go for the win”.


“We are in the process of improving, but what a blessed problem, we’re improving based on scoring points. However, we have to be realistic, we’re in that same situation as all the other teams, and we want to continue taking steps forward in these upcoming games and maintain the dynamic”.


“We’re in a welcome situation following matchday 8. I don’t think we’re truly aware of the reality, the standings are unreal in this situation. What we want to do is to continue competing, but our principal objective is to save the category. From then on, we must be ambitious. It’s hard to say it, but not long ago this Club was experiencing an extremely difficult financial and sporting situation. That must not be forgotten. There isn’t one euro. We must remind ourselves of the situation we’re in, but also compete without any excuses”.

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