Pellicer: “We’re going to value this point a lot in the future”

The Malaguista coach spoke to the media following #MálagaMirandés. “The most important thing is to continue adding players and for them to accumulate minutes”, he stated.


25/10/2020 23:35

Match review

“The first 15-20 minutes were very intense, they started the game from the back and we piled the pressure on. We had two or three steals that made us play in the other half. When we didn’t have continuity on the pass, they made the most of it and ran. In an action that we know perfectly well, we scored the goal, which gave us more peace of mind. At half-time we said to forget about the result and that we had nothing to lose. Then in the first 15-20 minutes of the second half, they outwitted us with inside passes and we no longer maintained that clarity and insistence. We lacked a degree of clarity on the pass. There were situations where the game opened up, the back and forth didn’t interest us. At times the rival overcame us, then there were chances for both teams. We need to have more calm on the attack and be more together in defence.

“We were determined to score the three points, but the rival had come from playing with the two wolves of the category. The most important thing for me is to continue adding players and for them to accumulate minutes and avoid injury”.

Value of the point

“Playing at home, with the dynamic we’ve been having, we would have scored the three points, particularly considering how the match started. We must value this point not as gold, but as silver, as we know what it cost, and we’ll value it a lot in the future”.

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