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Press conference

Pellicer: “We’re going to come up against these adversities”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference following #RayoMálaga. “This step backwards means we take one step forwards in upcoming matches”, he stated.


“The result says it all. We didn’t dominate, the rival was superior, there are no excuses. Yes, we’re in a period of construction, but this cannot be repeated. We have to be in the game, there’s no time to relax, particularly against such a great rival with a lot of attacking potential. The team has to be far more solid in all aspects. I would like to apologise to the fans for this defeat. May this help us to see the reality, correct all the mistakes we made and realise the situation we’re in”.

No excuses

“We also have to learn in victories. Today it wasn’t to be. This is football and we’re going to come up against these adversities. You have to be in the game and today that wasn’t the case. This must act as a warning to us. We must show humility and good sense, but we’re Málaga and there should be no excuse. We must put our heart and soul into every action. Everyone needs to learn from this, first the coaching team. This step backwards means we take one step forwards in upcoming matches”.

Debuts and DNA

“You can see there are a lot of players who are going to offer us a great deal of things. I always try to focus on the positives, but today there are few. Players took part and the good news is they’re gaining pace. Now we need to begin preparations for the match against Las Palmas and recover that DNA from the end of last season. This has to be the way forward and the way to add points. We’re going to work incredibly hard, there’s no other way”.