Pellicer: “We’re aware of the difficulty, but have no fear”

The Blue and White coach held a remote press conference the day before #MálagaEspanyol: “If it wasn’t for this pandemic, I’m sure the stadium would be full”.


01/11/2020 13:31

Finding the leader’s weak points

“We’re coming up against the promotion favourite, due to the squad, the coach, what this team conveys and what you see in the standings. All rivals have their weak points which we’ll need to find in order to feel comfortable. We’re determined to win all three points, knowing the difficulty of the match”.

Best weapon, humility

“They attack like a big team, but they defend like a team that is aware of the difficulties of the category. This is based on humility, which is tough. The appreciation we have is that they are as one, the Club, the fans, the coach, who is new, but it seems as though he’s been there for a long time”.

Missing the fans

“Any mistake you make you will be punished for the most by this team, due to the individuals and the collective. There’s no fear. We’re playing at home. It’s a big game and if it wasn’t for this pandemic, I’m sure the stadium would be full and we’d have a goal in favour just because of their support. Above all, it would be great for the new players to experience the adrenaline boost the fans give us”.

Winning mentality

“We have to be perfect, and even being perfect we’re going to have difficulties. However, I have confidence and I want to convey that this team will compete and go for victory”.

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