Pellicer: “We want to maintain our away stats”

The Malaguista coach held a remote press conference hours before travelling to Almería: “It’s a great test to endorse what we’re doing away from home”.


12/12/2020 13:15

Highs and lows

“We’ve recovered Pablo (Chavarría), Jairo and Benkhemassa. Escassi is working on overcoming the discomfort that has prevented him from training during the week, but today he was able to join in the session. Juande started training yet continues with his discomfort whilst Jozabed has been in training all week at a good level. However, today he sustained a minor contracture and isn’t 100 per cent, which is why he isn’t part of the squad list”.

Using resources to win the three points

“We’re not looking at the salary cap. Once the match has kicked-off, we seek that efficiency with the resources we have against a team that is incredibly effective. We want to continue that streak that we have away from home. The team is competing and getting results. We’re going there with the utmost respect and the idea that we’ll have to know how to suffer and try to make the rival suffer when we have the ball”.

Unity between team and fans

“I’m expecting a great match, with both teams going all out for victory. Yes, it’s going to be tough, but it always has been up to now. We’ve competed at a great level and, for me, this is the team’s biggest achievement. It was a pity that we didn’t win the other day. We’re grateful to the ‘Grada de Animación’ for the players’ reception, many of them hadn’t experienced it, and it made their hair stand on end. This made not winning the three points worse”.

A great test of skill

“We have to maintain balance and distance from the teams below. We need to win in order to move as high up as we can. Tomorrow will be a tough test due to the rival’s situation. It’s a great stage for us, and a great test to endorse what we’re doing away from home”.

Maintain the level away from home and improve at our ground

“We need to be much stronger at La Rosaleda. This will bring us closer to our objective. Maintaining our away stats will be difficult, but we’re determined. Hopefully on Sunday we’ll be the best away team as it would mean we’ve reached 28 points”.

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