Pellicer: “We have to keep our feet on the ground”

The Malaguista coach held a remote press conference ahead of the upcoming match against Rayo Vallecano. “We need to be very realistic as it’s going to be a difficult season, but an exciting one”, he stated.


02/10/2020 14:13

Next match

“We have to play each game to the absolute limit of our possibilities, with great humility and staying realistic of who we are, then we could win away to Rayo Vallecano. We’ll be up against a team that will pile the pressure on, it will be a tough test for our new defensive system. They are one of four or five teams with the most attacking potential, as the players are very dynamic, with great mobility, who appear undetectable in the finishing zone to the defence. All week we’ve been working on defence and attacking tactics to hurt the rival. Our idea is to go to Rayo Vallecano’s ground to win the three points, as we will do against every other opponent”.


“We don’t have any excuses, our objective is to score as many points as we can. When we’ve achieved that goal in terms of points and we have that peace of mind, we’ll fight for everything in every game. We have to keep our feet on the ground and be very realistic as it’s going to be a difficult season, but an exciting one, with a challenge for us all”.

Team configuration

“As it stands, looking back a month and a half ago, I’m happy because there’s an order and outline of a team, there’s a balance. We have to thank the sports management for all the hard work. It’s highly difficult taking into account the Club’s current economic situation, all the external factors, to convince certain players. It’s a commitment from everybody, it’s about teamwork, and I’m excited about it. They are our players and we’ll go to the end of the earth with them”.

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Málaga CF’s training schedule

There’s no time to rest for the team during this final stretch of the competition. Following yesterday’s clash with Real Oviedo, the lads are back to work to prepare for the upcoming duels against Girona FC (Thursday 20) and CD Leganés (Monday 24).