Pellicer: “This victory allows us to take steps forward”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference at Castalia following the win against CD Castellón. “We’re all in this together, the players were 10 out of 10”, he stated.


20/09/2020 11:00

Importance of winning

“The victory allows the players to believe. There are many new faces, we’re in a process of construction. We are few players, some with a professional registration are injured, but the most important thing is that they believe. Beyond the system of play, today we played with a line of four, we changed, it’s all about variety. Players who haven’t been playing are taking part and performing well, which is the best news. There needs to be that level of competition, each player needs to find their place and improve their stats, as if they improve individually, we improve collectively. We’re all in this together, the players were 10 out of 10. We’re now focused on Friday, today is about enjoying this win and then back to work full of energy on Monday. This makes us believe, it allows the fans to breathe a sigh of relief to face the next match at home against Alcorcón with a different view”.

Match setbacks

“We attempted to adjust the changes to the millimetre, taking into account the player registrations. We had three guys from the reserve team, and for Hicham to join the game a player from the reserve team had to go off. It was going to be Ramón, but then Ismael sustained injury, so we had to change the plan. Then in the first action Hicham got injured so we had to make another substitution as we’d be a man down. All these adversities make the players react. There’s a positive mentality, also amongst the fans, so we can have greater peace of mind this week”.

Positive feelings

“It’s about taking steps forward. We know perfectly well that in terms of feelings surrounding this game, we’re all about the result. Beyond the victory, the team showed courage, knew how to suffer and didn’t experience too much difficulty. Under these circumstances, we know we have to improve in many concepts, but we’re moving forward. When the transfer window comes to a close, we’ll see what path we’re on, and our objective will be to compete, each match at a time. Today we won three points, the first objective fulfilled, and we subtract from the 50-mark. We need to focus on each objective at a time, and from there try to believe. The most important thing is positivity, positive energy to convey to the players, but it’s all about continuity”.

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