Pellicer: “These players are the true protagonists”

The Blue and White coach spoke to the media following the match against Real Oviedo. “It’s a shame as today we lacked certain details to take us closer to victory, but these players deserve a 10 for this season”.


17/05/2021 21:23

Titanic salvation

“The fact we’re celebrating staying up at Málaga CF may shock many, but for those of us on the inside, it feels as if it were a promotion due to the circumstances within which it was achieved. Of course, the Club’s objective must be greater, but the resources are what they are. These players are the true protagonists. The coaching team and coach are the visible heads, but the important ones are this group of players, and those from last season. Having the crowd here next season will be crucial, so that the fans can enjoy watching their team with the resources that are consistent with what the city and the Club are”.

End of a very difficult season

“It’s been so hard, ever since the pre-season. I remember the trip back from Tenerife, when the transfer window closed, players who had been there helping us left and we had the issue of injuries, especially the long-term injuries (Pablo Chavarría and Calero).  However, we never had any doubts. The most important thing about this group is to focus on the present: when we got back from Tenerife, we only thought about Castellón. Then when the injuries happened, other teammates and members of the MCF Academy stepped up and gave a spectacular performance. There have been so many tough times, but the most important thing is to maintain an emotional balance. This is why I congratulate the team. It’s a shame as today we lacked certain details to take us closer to victory, but these players deserve a 10 for this season. The day to day has been tremendously difficult for everyone, but we’ve lived it with great joy and enthusiasm”.

Work isn’t over yet

“We’re at the limit now. There’s so much physical wear and tear at this point in the season, which is multiplied for us due to the added difficulties. Nevertheless, from tomorrow we’ll start training to prepare for the game against Girona. Although it seems everything is done and dusted, whenever we put on the Málaga CF jersey there are objectives to fulfil, and we have to compete until the last breath”.

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31/05/2021 14:11 | Organisation

Highly emotional end to the season

The Club remembered Arnau, the players showed their support for Paco Martín Aguilar and the Málaga Costa del Sol women’s handball team were congratulated for their success.