Pellicer: “These are matches to mark the way forward”

The Blue and White coach held a remote press conference to analyse his team’s 1-2 win at La Romareda. “We were very effective in transition, which was key”, he said.


18/10/2020 22:14

Knowing how to compete

"We’ve been working on various systems. The team was immersed in all phases. Key was to pile the pressure on upfront, so Eguaras and Ros were unable to think. The first half was perfect as the team knew how to play. We were up against a great team, a highly dynamic rival. We competed throughout. When we conceded the goal, I liked that ability to react and play in the opposite field. The players showed confidence. This victory allows us to see that we can compete and be prudent”.

"We’re clear about what we need to do. It doesn’t vary depending on the rival, or our characteristics. We’re going to manage another idea based on the 4-3-3. The way forward is work, more work and temperament”.

Match by match

"The state of mind is very important. We were very effective in transition, which was key. There’s no magic wand, there’s a lot of work to do as situations will arise which we’ve seen before, where we haven’t scored goals. We’re six matches in, it’s great to get excited, but we need to remember where we’ve come from. It’s about enjoying this win and reaching the 50-point mark as soon as possible, then go match by match. I’m not a populist coach, I prefer to remain in the background. Today is for celebrating, but from tomorrow we must focus on the match against Sporting”.

Goal-scorers and goal

"Pablo and Caye can give us that variety so that Calero and Matos also appear. The only one who cannot be versatile is the goalkeeper. They are both going to play. It’s a specific position, we have two keepers, and we have to manage the group focusing on what’s best for the team. Juan played today but Dani will get his opportunity, not forgetting Gonzalo. We’re very happy with our goal”.

Room for improvement

"We always need to improve. The best thing is the work of the entire group. These are matches to mark the way forward. It’s a team effort. This is going to make us stronger in the competition. The strikers need to score, and we’ll find all the attacking members of the team, plus count on the help of the midfielders and defenders from the set piece”.

“In the second half we needed to push more upfront. However, for me the lads were 10 out of 10, they’re working very hard and this has to make us trust each other and ourselves, stemming from humility”.

Jozabed and the collective

"Jozabed is going to have his chance and his moment. The other day he played 45 minutes and today in another context he may have appeared sooner. We know he’s going to be a very important player for us. He is going to give us that pause and that quality, but the first thing is the team”.

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