Pellicer: “There’s no other way but to keep moving forward”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following #MálagaCartagena. “Not being comfortable on the pitch penalised us; the sporadic action was key”, he said.


05/12/2020 23:34

Match review

“That sporadic action was a pity as we started out very well. The team was looking to play side by side, finding players in intermediate areas, although we lacked a degree of depth on the outside. We felt comfortable and even took the lead. We were knocked when they equalised, but the team continued to believe. The second half didn’t start so well for us. When we were about to make the changes, they scored the second goal. We tried to row against the tide, but it was a struggle. Not being comfortable on the pitch penalised us. We made some adjustments but had two or three unlucky actions and it cost us. In such a controlled game, the sporadic action was key for the rival. We tried everything but must now pick ourselves up. The team was determined but we weren’t lucky in front of goal”.


“It’s the first time they’ve won, after we’d taken the lead, since we’ve been here. We came from playing a very complete match, each game is massive, and we have to say alert. It’s important to give much more credit to what we have achieved, because each point costs us blood, sweat and tears. There are two totally different games. When we were in the lead on the scoreboard, we were feeling comfortable. The second goal penalised us both tactically and mentally. We can’t blame the players for anything and must realise the value of each point. We have no choice but to pick ourselves up, as we weren’t so good before and we weren’t so bad now. We are having a hard time putting on a strong performance at our stadium. We need to hold our heads up and prepare for the match against Almería. The group is hurting as winning tonight would have been amazing and put us in a very privileged situation. There’s no other way but to keep moving forward and get ready for the next game”.

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06/05/2021 13:04 | Training

More strategy training at the Annexe

The team returned to training for the third session of the week at La Rosaleda’s facilities. Luis Muñoz, for the second consecutive day, was integrated into the group at a good pace.