Pellicer: “The team didn’t deserve this result”

The Malaguista coach analysed the match against UD Almería in the press room at Juegos Mediterráneos: “I believe we deserved victory”.


13/12/2020 19:01

Undeserved defeat

“There are two very different reviews. I believe we deserved victory. It’s true that we conceded the first goal due to a mistake we made. From then on, the rival had few situations, and the team knew how to rebuild itself. We had peace of mind when we went level. In the second half, before Almería’s second goal, the team was playing better. Yet from a sporadic action, due to the quality they have, the rival once again took the lead. Then in the closing stages, with that determination for a win, the final goal arrived. I’m proud of this group and their hard work. We can gain a degree of comfort knowing that we were up against this rival who are on top form, we were at their home ground, yet you couldn’t tell the difference between us in the standings. That said, we need to look at these little costly mistakes, in home games and indeed today. I’m angry as the team didn’t deserve this result”.

Proud of the work done

“We’re often blamed for being a team that drops back, yet I believe we played the majority of this game on the attack. Almería have the highest associative level in the division and they weren’t at all comfortable. It’s clear that in random actions you can see their quality, whereas we lacked that last pass, that definition. Coming here and competing one on one with a great rival has to help us look forward and make us feel proud of our work”.

Little room for manoeuvre

“This is the invisible problem we have. We were missing Yanis and Jozabed. Now with Calero’s injury, which is the worst news of the day. Hopefully it won’t be anything serious, but we’re concerned. We’re aware of our problems, with three reserve team players on the pitch, Joaquín was asking us to be substituted, as was Ramón…We’re in deficit with the other rivals, due to the number of professional registrations we have, but this has been the case for a long time and is no excuse. We certainly value the points we’ve won up to now. It’s going to be a tough road ahead”.

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