Pellicer: “The day to day with this group is a pleasure”

The Málaga CF coach held a remote press conference the day before the match in Alcorcón. “The dedication, attitude and commitment of the players cannot be doubted. They work like animals”, he said.


29/01/2021 14:26


“We must maintain the balance. Extremes are bad, we know that from experience, so we’re working hard on improving and boosting the things the team does well. We’re aware this dynamic isn’t what we want. The recent results are there to see, but the group knows the responsibility it has. The other day I was wrong, I am the one responsible. We need to keep working hard, we’ve got an important match tomorrow to try and break the streak”.

Defensive pivot

“I never tell the team and I don’t usually give any clues. We don’t see it as a problem, we view it as a solution. We have various alternatives and players who can do the job, whatever the scenario. It’s important to minimise the rival’s strengths and enhance their weaknesses, beyond the starting line-up. Whoever plays in that position tomorrow will do so in the best possible way”.


“The standings are not a reflection of Alcorcón or many other teams. Everything has happened to this team. Improper line-up, positive virus cases, preparing matches with minimal players…With the arrival of Anquela, a person from whom I was taught many values, they are a team that knows how to make the most of their strengths and are somewhat aggressive.  A team that knows how to play, hazardous on the set piece with dangerous players on the second play. Their place in the standings doesn’t show their worth, as in any other situation they would have had many more points”.


“It’s not viable. We are who we are and will fight to the end with the team we have. This is our squad, and we have to now work on enhancing the good things we’ve done. I send a realistic message, everything is a struggle, and we know what our objective is. In the end, things will be decided on the pitch. What we need to do is work hard with humility and maximum dedication, which beyond the result is non-negotiable”.

Peace of mind

“Beyond the game model, the statistics show that we play a lot in the opponent’s half and are one of the teams that has the fewest shots on goal, but it doesn’t mean we won’t get there. We need to have a greater degree of calm. There are also many positives, we are one of the teams that runs and recovers the ball the most, and we have young players who are the Club’s heritage and who are taking a step forward”.


“From the moment I arrived, including last season, there has not been a week without commitment and attitude in training sessions. The day to day with this group is a pleasure. The dedication, attitude and commitment of the players cannot be doubted. They work like animals, despite the adversities. They treat every day as if it were the last. This is our roadmap. We must be more solid in defence, that’s our first objective, keeping a clean sheet, and from there looking forward”.

“Orlando Sá sustained injury which prevented him from taking part in normal training. He’s respected for his experience, he helps the young lads a lot, but the truth is he’s been unlucky in terms of injuries. We’re going to need him, so we hope he gets back on top form as he’s a different sort of striker on the team”.


“Everyone is happy and wants to stay on this ship. Growing and achieving our goals. It’s a privilege being at Málaga CF. They know the responsibility they have, it’s essential that everyone believes in the same idea. I ask for unity amongst everyone, there’s a long way to go and we know where we’ve come from. Together we’re stronger”.

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