Pellicer: “Nobody could beat us in terms of enthusiasm and hard work”

The coach held a remote press conference this afternoon at La Rosaleda. “So many players are proud to play at this ground” he said ahead of #MálagaAlcorcón.


25/09/2020 14:48

Right frame of mind

“We must continue with this dynamic, fighting for victory; and may the obstacles we face make us stronger for the future. The present is tomorrow’s match, winning three points and ensuring the players continue to grow. The mental aspect is essential. We’re going to work hard and know that nobody could beat us in terms of enthusiasm and hard work”.

AD Alcorcón

“We’re facing a rival who has kept a clean sheet in two matches, with coordinated defensive aspects, a solid team with a basic structure. They’ve just come from a win against Tenerife so we’ll be facing a tough game, however both teams will have a similar mental focus as we’ve both just enjoyed victories. We’re playing at our home, La Rosaleda and we need to be strong”.

La Rosaleda

“It’s a joy, for many it’s been a new experience training at this stadium. So many players are proud to play at this ground. On the one hand we are happy to be back, yet on the other, we are one of the teams most affected by playing behind closed doors. We can’t wait for them to be back, for the pandemic to be over, which is the most important thing, and because our crowd earns more points than others. We are so looking forward to seeing the fans again and feeling their love for the team”.

Talking about... Pellicer

06/05/2021 13:04 | Training

More strategy training at the Annexe

The team returned to training for the third session of the week at La Rosaleda’s facilities. Luis Muñoz, for the second consecutive day, was integrated into the group at a good pace.