Pellicer: “I’ve received great affection from everyone at the Club”

The Blue and White coach held a remote press conference at La Rosaleda ahead of #MálagaCastellón. “It’s a shame we could only enjoy the love of fans for a short time”.


29/05/2021 14:41

Last dance against Castellón

“We’re up against a team that unfortunately suffered relegation. I wish CD Castellón all the luck in the world. I am from there, and I hope that they’ll soon return to professional football. Our first victory this season was there, and I think we need to finish with our last victory against the same opponent. In this last stretch of matches, the results have not been consistent with how the team has worked and what we’ve seen throughout the season. We want to leave with that good taste of victory in our mouths. We have that chance, and we need to try and achieve it”.

Personal and professional

“On a personal level, I’m in my last few hours here. On a professional level it’s my most difficult decision, and possibly, will be over time, I may have been wrong. But I have the peace of mind that I have given my all, we’ve given everything. When I arrived a year and a half ago this was an earthquake on a sports and social level, and now there’s peace of mind. There’s a much better future and it’s now a paradise, not because Malaga is doing well, but because the Club has taken steps forward. That for me is the most important thing. When you give your all, with our mistakes, you leave with your head held high”.

Affection and pride

I’ve received great affection from everyone at the Club, everyone working behind the scenes. It’s a shame we could only enjoy the love of the fans for a short time. Yesterday we had a great meal here at La Rosaleda, and we felt the affection of everyone and what they convey to us with pride. It touches your heart”.