Pellicer: “It’s a shame we didn’t come back with a victory”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference following #AlbaceteMálaga. “The team kept insisting until the end; a win would have given us a great deal of peace of mind”.


04/01/2021 08:55


“We lost two points today. The team competed well, taking into account the week ahead and the absences, 12 professionals and the lads from the youth ranks. In the first half we made two mistakes as we weren’t forceful enough, and also with a rapid throw-in. In the second half we made some adjustments, they had more patience than us and it seemed as if we were behind them in the table. In the dressing room I told the lads to stay calm, make as few mistakes as possible and focus on the second play. We did everything, but when we got the goal, we made a small error”.


“I remain with the team’s competitive level, in such a demanding week. It’s a shame we didn’t come back with a victory, just the one point. The rival played well, defended with soul, yet we missed the last pass and needed to be more precise. The team kept insisting until the end”.

Little reward

“It’s a pity as a win would have given us a great deal of peace of mind, we would have had 29 points with a match remaining until the end of the first round”.


“We need all the players. Before the match I said to Jairo that footballers have their moments. It was his match, due to the goal action and for how he competed at a good level. He didn’t play that much last year, has been recovering from injury, yet this year he’s enjoyed continuity. I see him happy and working hard, which is what has to be conveyed to the group”.

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