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Press conference

Pellicer: “It was the most complete match of the entire season”

“I’m proud of the group’s work. There’s a transfer from training to competition”, said the Malaguista coach following the victory against CE Sabadell on matchday 28 of LaLigaSmartBank.

A complete match

“It was the most complete match of the entire season in all aspects. In the first half the team were already playing in the attacking half. As an image is worth a thousand words, I remain with how the lads played after scoring the goal: pressing the rival and going all out on the attack. This has to be the way forward. Finding that structure from which the team has managed to rebuild itself despite all the difficulties. On we go”.

A match worth six points

“In home games, we’ve always had moments to mark the difference between the teams in or near the drop zone and remain in a comfortable position looking upwards. Today was one of those days. It wasn’t a game of three points, it was a game of six points plus the goal average. It gives us peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean we’re in our comfort zone. Having peace of mind is about being ambitious and continuing to work hard to achieve the objective as soon as possible”.

Getting stronger at home

“It was a mental and emotional issue. We had that need to win at home. However, it is true that, in many home games, we haven’t achieved the desired result. The team was able to rebuild itself. It’s all in the mind”.

Close-knit group

“There’s great confidence in the group, we ended with David Larrubia and Julio, even though they only had a few minutes on the pitch. I’m confident with what I have, confident in the young players. Of course, should a professional player join the team to help us it would be ideal, due to the limitation we have. Should that not be the case, I’m very happy with the group. I have total confidence in them, what they’re doing is immensely difficult”.