Pellicer: “I’m proud of the team’s soul in the face of difficulty”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference following the matchday 31 LaLiga SmartBank clash.


27/03/2021 23:17

Intensity and equality

“The team responded well. We’re going home with a point, although we came here with the idea of taking all three. We cannot forget that this team, in the situation they’re in, are playing to stay alive. It’s extremely tough, the level of intensity they have is very high. We managed to even the score, and even though we lacked criteria, it was a very close game”. 

Hard work in the face of adversity

“I’m very happy with the effort of the players, how we went out there. We were trailing on the scoreboard, yet the team still stood up to the rival. We pushed until the end to try and claim all three points”.

Effort is non-negotiable

“We ran three or four kilometres more than the opponent. We are one of the teams that runs the most in the category and the second that makes the most intense effort. We cannot take that away from the team. We have a limited number of players, but mentally they are strong”. 

Alberto Quintana, present and future

“We already knew him and know his characteristics perfectly well. He brings a great deal of continuity, and he has to keep improving. He’s the present and future of Málaga CF. Within a short time, he could be a good midfielder. His head is in the right place. He’s moving towards playing for many years in the elite, he’s getting there step by step”.

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