Munir: “I miss breaking the fast with my family”

This Thursday we have an in-depth interview with Blue and White goalkeeper Munir Mohand Mohamedi.


30/04/2020 12:25

As serene and calmly as ever, our goalkeeper tells us how he’s getting on during these difficult times, as well as home training sessions, and the great significance of Ramadan to the life of this man from Melilla with a Moroccan soul.

We’ve been locked down at home now for a long time, how are you getting on, and how are your family and friends?

It’s been nearly two months of confinement. It’s a difficult time for everyone, unimaginable, but I hope we get out of this situation soon. Thank God my family and friends are all fine. I’m calmer about that for now.

What do you miss the most? Looking forward to getting back on the pitch?

I miss my family and friends a lot, being in close contact and enjoying spending time with them. I miss being with them.

I can’t wait to get back on the pitch, enjoy being with my teammates and chatting and joking around in the dressing room. I really miss that, hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy it again soon.

The return to competition will possibly be behind closed doors, without any fans in the stands.

It looks as though we’ll be playing without the crowd, which is bad news for everyone. Football is a show for everybody to enjoy, and not having our fans there to support us will be a handicap for us.

Ramadan has just started. How have the first few days been?

We’re living Ramadan in a different situation to what we’re used to. Like everything, it’s about adapting. I miss breaking the fast with my family, having them around. That moment is important and I miss it, also not being allowed to go to the mosque.

Ramadan has only just started, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims a happy Ramadan. With being at home all the time, training schedules can be planned more easily, which in turn makes Ramadan easier.

What’s your favourite dish at this time? How do you plan training when you’re not allowed to drink liquids?

We can eat at night, which is a time we enjoy the most. My favourite dish is Harira.

Being on lockdown makes Ramadan easier for me, as training is planned around fasting. I try to ensure I train as close to when I can eat as possible, to ease training and hydration.

How do you find working remotely?

It’s different training at home, as we’re so used to being on the pitch. We’re trying to adapt, like everyone else, and once or twice a week we do video training as a group, featuring different things to maintain the group harmony, which is important. I do my daily workout and rest one day a week, which is Sunday.

Everything points to a return to training next week…

The plan is to return to training on May 4. I’m pleased about that as it’s a good sign that things are improving. We have more options to return to competition which is great news to me.

Play again or end the season by avoiding any health-related risks?

I want the competition to be able to be finished and play all remaining matches. Obviously adhering to security parameters so as not to run any type of risk, nor to those around us. I am looking forward to competing.

What positives are you taking from this period of quarantine?

During this confinement we’ve had to endure, it’s important to focus on the positives and learn from it. Above all, value things more. This will help us to be strong and value the little things in life, which we often don’t. It’s a lesson for us all.

What’s your final message for the Malaguismo, Munir…

To the Malaguista fans, I know this is a very difficult year for many reasons. I want to send lots of encouragement and support and say that I’m certain everything will change, and we will get out of this. A big hug to all Malaguistas.

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