Manolo Sánchez: “This is a dream come true for me”

We have a chat with the first team’s assistant coach, Manolo Sánchez who is full of enthusiasm and strength and, in his own words, has “studied a lot for this opportunity” and “worked hard”.


22/05/2020 16:29

Linked to Pellicer

“I’ve been working with Sergio Pellicer now for many seasons, he is the one who has given me the most confidence over the years, and we achieved the Copa de Campeones together in 2016”.

“I joined San Félix when I was just 21. I was assistant coach at San Félix and that year we moved up to the Juvenil (Liga) Nacional. I worked with Manel Ruano as an analyst. I was with Pellicer again at San Félix and we’ve worked together ever since”.

Passionate about the game

“I’ve always wanted to be a coach. I like to analyse and live matches with a lot of passion. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a great player as my passion revolves around the study, analysis and understanding of the game. As such, my comprehension and that of the coach can be conveyed to the players”.

“I’m in charge of the report on our own team and the rival team, which is carried out by ‘Capa’ the analyst, the coach and myself. In addition, I’m also in charge of the set pieces in attack and defence, along with the coach. Task design and the planning of daily tasks is undertaken by the coach and myself, in terms of technical-tactical work, and we’re involved in all conditional aspects of physical tasks with Julio and Enrique”.

Strategy and positioning

“Since the coach and I met, I think we’ve set certain guidelines when it comes to directing the team. In terms of the set piece, he tries to get in there himself, but I focus much more on these actions. Within the match I concentrate on correcting positioning that isn’t working well or specific actions that would allow us to improve certain aspects of play, so they know that type of play we’re going to do at any time. That’s my role, and also to analyse and help the coach make the best possible decisions”.

Dream come true

“They know the amount and passion and dedication I have. They’re happy and proud that I represent my city’s club. It’s also nice when people recognise you and stop you in the street. Having the opportunity to enjoy a stadium like La Rosaleda, with fans like ours is something I’ve always dreamed about. Right now, this is a dream come true for me and every day I work to take the Club as far as possible”.

“If I think about it, I can’t believe it was possible. I’m 28 years old, yet the average assistant coach has more experience or was a professional player. I studied a lot for this opportunity, worked hard and was lucky that someone like Sergio Pellicer gave me a chance to work with him. It’s unthinkable that I am in this position at 28. My goal is to help the coach as much as possible as you don’t get an opportunity like this every day, especially so young”.

To help the coach, the first commandment

“The Manolo coach is very different, although I consider myself a person with character and clear ideas. However, I know my role as second coach well. The roles are completely different, I’m very much in the background, here to help and to make sure everything functions well to take work away from the coach. I help with tactics and any circumstances that may come about”.

“I owe my coach, I’m very happy being his assistant coach. Hopefully we’ll both go far and take the Club where it deserves to be. My objective is to be happy, stay with him and grow as much as possible”.

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