Manolo Sánchez: “Not everyone wins in Girona”

The Malaguista second coach held a press conference following the victory at Montilivi. “We must congratulate the players for the amazing job they did”, he said.


24/11/2020 21:49

Hard-fought victory

“The players have shown they are a complete team. Those who don’t play as often are able to give their all for their teammates. We’re extremely proud of their effort and how they managed the final minutes of play. We must congratulate the players for the amazing job they did”.

Adapting to the systems

“As a team we’re like a chameleon. Football isn’t about A, B or C, you cannot be classified within one system, it’s about controlling the game with different systems. When there’s more variety, there are more solutions. We’re in a good dynamic, we deserved points against Leganés, and this reflects the moment of the team. The feelings are good, everyone is taking part and enjoying playing minutes. The coach is very happy with the effort made and we must continue along this line”.

Job done

“We were very correct, made the most of the high pressure moments in the upper block, preventing Girona from advancing easily. We made things very difficult for them, and with the sacrifice of everyone, we were more compact. The point is to have as much positional variety as possible to provide the best solutions. We’re very happy with the sacrifice as not everyone wins in Girona”.

Return on set pieces

“It’s everyone’s job. We have synergy with the players, we help one another and involve them to see which plays suit us best. We must congratulate them, I’m thrilled as we’re making the most of something that has been a struggle for us, which is important and wins us points. We had opportunities to go 0-2 up. We’re happy with the effort of the team and what we’re achieving”.

Improvement in defence

“We’re in a good dynamic. We adjusted well in defence which translated into a highly important clean sheet that we needed”.

Match by match

“We have three more points, and with another three we’ll have 24, then 27 and so on. It’s all about adding points, we’re not setting very high goals right now. We’re ambitious, we go for the three points in every match and want to achieve our objective as soon as possible. That said, we must be cautious, take each match at a time, as we know where we came from last year. This is key to the team’s humility, to always wanting to go further, to score points in every game as if it were the last. We’ll take the three points at stake in each match at a time and see how we go”.

Talking about... Manolo Sánchez

25/11/2020 18:05 | First team

Girona, kilometre 14

What better way to end the first third of the league competition with a win at Montilivi?! A first-class victory! The first win in Girona, Escassi scored his first goal, Joaquín Muñoz was in the starting line-up for the first time and Manolo Sánchez sealed his first victory! Way to go!