Manolo Gaspar: “We have an important foundation, and that’s that we’re Málaga”

Our usual, in-depth Saturday interview this week features Manolo Gaspar.


23/05/2020 11:59

The Club’s sports director speaks clearly, simply and bluntly. As a player he brought an extra burst of optimism to the dressing room, always prioritising the group over the individual, and now from an executive level, he maintains the same formula, with a dialogue that oozes Malaguismo.

In the face of adversity, he finds solutions. With enthusiasm and strength, Manolo Gaspar analyses the current situation within the Blue and White entity, without glossing over any relevant questions. Always face to face, always at the helm.

What a season, Manolo, full of difficulties at every turn

We’ve had a few years where things have arisen along the way, but they make us stronger. I think we’re used to all the changes that have taken place over the years, we’ve learnt how to react to tough blows. In this situation we have to keep moving forward, making the most of our experience, and we’ll get there.

The new structure of the Club will be divided into four departments…

The time for a restructuring has arrived, to make things a little more straightforward. During these difficult times for the Club, and with what’s to come, it’s so important to have good communication and for everything to be more fluid. Everything will be focused on four groups within which the daily communication is constant.

Hard work

We’re working hard on something that has to start from scratch, practically. The first sensations are positive, and I leave happy every day as the communication and coordination is far better than I’d anticipated.

The MCF Academy could be one of the keys to the future

In regard to the model of the new club, where the club is headed, we need to create good foundations within the youth ranks. Historically we’ve always had this, but as resources will be reduced, we need to focus more on the feeling of belonging and the close relationship with the player and the family. That will give us that additional plus that we aren’t able to have in other aspects.

We offer sports opportunities and I think that, for the professional growth of a player from the youth ranks, this is essential. We have to concentrate on making sure the player feels very important, and not rush other things.

Changes are also on the way for Málaga CF Femenino.

We want the structure of Femenino to be the same as the one we’re forming. There has to be a youth project, people from Málaga need to know about women’s football, the players move up the ranks and we have a team in the best possible conditions.

The Club isn’t lacking enthusiasm and unity to keep moving forward  

We have many reasons to keep moving forward. It’s not easy right now as the feeling the people of the club have, and those who unfortunately have to leave, is immense. The unity we have is great, but there comes a time when drastic decisions have to be made which have affected us all profoundly. However, there are countless reasons why we must keep on going and create a good foundation for the future.

The Málaga CF ‘brand’ always sells, without a doubt  

We have an important foundation, and that’s that we’re Málaga. Málaga on a national level is a powerful club, with a good structure, a good stadium, a lovely city, incredible fans…This makes it a very good option for future players. We’re not afraid of the scenario that may come our way.

Finally, the ones who never fail. They’re first class. The Malaguista fans…

The ultimate goal of a club is to make its people feel identified and I am thrilled when they, with the team, feel good and identified. We see a recognisable Málaga, the fans love it, and want to come to the stadium to see their team.

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