Manolo Gaspar: “The Cup represents an opportunity”

The Club’s Sports Director reviews the upcoming Copa del Rey rival, Real Oviedo, in the second round of the competition taking place at La Rosaleda.


18/12/2020 14:36

Real Oviedo

“They’ve been doing pretty well of late. They’re in the same division as us, and we’re facing them twice in the same week. It’s being held on a special day, Three Kings’ Day, but within Málaga CF we’re clear that each match is an opportunity to continue growing. We proved it against Coruxo by playing a decent match in highly difficult conditions. Victories are fed by victories and the positive feelings of a job well done. So, we’re facing the Cup competition with everything we’ve got, and will try our best to win by doing things right”.


“Málaga CF doesn’t have starting players or substitutes, everyone is participating, and this is a new opportunity to continue giving everyone minutes on the pitch, so they continue in the fight. And, above all, our young lads within the Academy, reserve team and juvenil squad can have opportunities in matches like this, which is a well-deserved reward for them, and always great”.

Tie at La Rosaleda

“Both financially and in terms of rest time, it’s very positive. We’re fortunate that the match is taking place here and we don’t have to travel. The players will recover more quickly, which is something we always welcome”.

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