Málaga Club de Fútbol has made the decision to start the collective dismissal procedure as of today, May 19 2020.


19/05/2020 14:22

The Club announces that it has taken the decision to present an employment regulation file for the termination and/or suspension of employment contracts. Over the past few months, the Entity has been undertaking various measures to ease the difficult economic situation it is experiencing. The restructuring of the Club joins this package of necessary measures to ensure the permanence of Málaga Club de Fútbol.

The Entity thanks fans and season ticket holders for their support during these difficult times and asks for their understanding in light of this complex process that starts today and that the Entity will endure in the coming months, with the sole purpose of committing to the future of our shield.

Talking about... Entidad

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The story of Alberto and Esther represents loyalty and unconditional love for one another. Their story is an example of defying the odds.

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We are the Storm

The Málaga CF fans are characterised by the ability to overcome any challenge, conquer any adverse situation and turn it around in their favour. You have been, you are, and always will be with us through thick and thin. We need you, Malaguista.

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Explainer for all Malaguista season ticket holders

Málaga CF wishes to clarify any doubts that have arisen amongst fans regarding the 20% discount on the purchase of the next season ticket, which will go on sale when health guidance permits matches to be open to the public.