Lugo, kilometre 33

Win, win win and win again. We’re used to seeing Málaga CF 20/21 winning away from La Rosaleda, and yesterday, in Lugo, it happened again.


05/04/2021 19:33

There were numerous positives from #LugoMálaga that we take a look at here:

Lombán and, just in case, Stefan

The winning goal will be remembered as a whodunnit. Who scored the 0-1? The truth is that Lombán executed a perfect corner kick. According to the referee, the goal was netted by the captain. Yet if there is any doubt, the keeper’s clearance was picked up by Stefan, with the Serbian slamming the ball into the net to the delight of his teammates. The most important thing, +3 points.

Eight changes, same stamp

The tough season is showing. Injuries, suspensions, tight schedule, shortage of professional players…Pellicer never stops changing systems and players, always seeking the best for his team. He made a revolution in Lugo with Juande, Luis Muñoz (who was soon substituted due to injury) and Caye as the only survivors from the last starting-11 against Almería. The ‘newbies’ responded by competing and winning. Coincidence? No, as a job well done is not discussed. It’s valued.

8 out of 12 away from La Rosaleda

The numbers don’t lie. It’s an irrefutable fact that, since the start of the season, MCF have secured positive results away from home. The lads have won 27 out of 45 points, and eight of the 12 league victories have also been away. Just Mallorca (32), Espanyol (29) and Almería (28), clear candidates for promotion, have won more points in this section. What stats!

MCF centenary in Second Division

The Club, during its sixth season in the silver division counting the current one, achieved its 100th victory in the category against CD Lugo. The record for wins in a season is still held by Peiró’s Málaga with 22 (98/99). Subsequently, there were 14 wins in the 06/07 season and 20 with promotion included in 07/08 over a decade ago. One more, to total 21, were recorded in the 18/19 season. Last season, 19/20, saw the lads obtain 11 wins, and with the 12 to date during this campaign, they have reached a round number to top off this statistic.

Talking about... Lombán, Scepovic, Pellicer

19/04/2021 14:35 | First team

Las Palmas, kilometre 35

A point for Málaga CF from last Saturday’s away fixture at the Estadio Gran Canaria. The Blue and Whites once again gave a lesson in competitiveness away from home.