Lombán: "We’ll all be back at La Rosaleda soon, enjoying football and Málaga"

In-depth interview with Málaga CF’s defender from Asturias, David Lombán, regarding the current situation marked by the team’s return to La Rosaleda yesterday.


07/05/2020 11:55

He’s fought a thousand battles, is a popular figure in the dressing room and, surprisingly, is a good goal-scorer. With three goals, Lombán is the team’s third-highest scorer this season behind Sadiku and Adrián. The league break hit during his best moment as a Malaguista and, of course, he is keen for football to return. 


How did you feel heading back to the stadium? Different to what you expected?

Returning to La Rosaleda is always nice. Also, the pitches are in a spectacular condition. This makes you want to get out there more. I’ve also seen small changes to the facilities, which now we can start enjoying. I can’t wait to get back.

How did the tests go? Do you see a return to training?

Yesterday we underwent all the tests, and the return will be difficult to begin with, but we’ll follow all the safety regulations that we’re told, step by step. I’m looking forward to getting back to routine and normality.

What did you miss during all this time?

Despite being with my partner, which has made this so much more bearable, I’ve missed being able to see my family, my brother, my friends…They can’t come here and I can’t visit them, I miss just having the possibility of being able to see them.

Returning to the day to day seems closer…

I really want to get back to routine, to work, being with my teammates and training again. Above all, because this would mean that we’re gradually getting back to normal.

Both from a work and social aspect, a great deal of protocol and prevention is required, right?

I’m patient yet very eager to get out.  To begin with we’ll train individually, which will be strange as our sport is about group training. However, we must comply with the stringent requirements that we’re told to. I’m sure we’ll remember this in the future and hopefully come out of it stronger and more positive.

If matches are played, they’ll be behind closed doors…

It looks as though if the competition returns it will be behind closed doors, which isn’t what we want and is far from ideal. Mainly because of how important the fans are to us and how important they are for Málaga. We’d love to go back to a full La Rosaleda, but we must be realistic about the situation and focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone.

The fans have been exemplary as always…

There’s so much to say. Thank you for supporting us throughout everything and under all circumstances. They have been exemplary from the outset. The last push will be the most difficult I’m sure, but we’ll all be back at La Rosaleda soon, enjoying football and Málaga.

Training at home, at the very least, sounds strange.

I try to make sure my routine doesn’t alter too much from what it was before. I usually train in the mornings, in two different parts; one more muscular to maintain the tone, and another involving cardio to keep up my physical fitness. In the afternoons I take the opportunity for stretching with live yoga sessions.

How’s lockdown going?

I’ve suffered an evolution, as has everyone, I think. The first few days, the first week, was very tough as there was so much information going around and a total ignorance. Then I started to make sense of the situation and the reality, and from the outset I was pretty much aware of what was going on and the rules I needed to follow. It’s become a lot more bearable as I’m a very homely person anyway. However, I’m very keen to get back to normal.

Do you have any hobbies, or have you learnt a new skill?

We have a lot of time to think, and one thing I wanted to learn was how to make a paella. It’s one of my favourite foods and I’m trying to make a good paella so I won’t miss it too much!

Lastly, David, what’s the best and worst part about this uncertain reality we’re all living?

The worst part is the limitations we have in our day to day. The best thing is that when this is all over, we’ll appreciate normality and the freedom we had and will have in the future.

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