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Press conference

Lombán: “We need to change the dynamic as soon as possible”

The Malaguista captain spoke to the Club media in the mixed zone following the match against Real Sociedad B, corresponding to LaLiga SmartBank matchday 28.

Lombán had a few words for the Club media after the game at the Reale Arena. He addressed the team’s current situation: “This result was the last thing we wanted, but there’s no time for regrets in football.” As a solution to this negative dynamic, the captain added that “we have to look to the future and each one of us needs to give our all, not just in matches, but every day. We represent Málaga all the time. The only way to turn this situation around is by everyone moving in the same direction and looking forward,” he said.

To conclude, David said the change needs to happen as soon as possible. “There’s no more time. It’s February and the sooner we change this dynamic, the better it will be for everyone. We need it, in order to compete and to play. The team needs it,” said the Malaguista number ‘4’.