Las Palmas, kilometre 35

A point for Málaga CF from last Saturday’s away fixture at the Estadio Gran Canaria. The Blue and Whites once again gave a lesson in competitiveness away from home.


19/04/2021 14:35

There are several highlights from the draw (1-1) with UD Las Palmas that we review here:

First for Stefan

If in Lugo he scored a goal that the referee deemed the work of Lombán, Málaga’s goal in Las Palmas couldn’t bear the signature of anyone else but the Serbian. Stefan netted his first official goal as a Malaguista and, in addition, becomes player number 73 to score for MCF in the Second Division. Hopefully it’s the first of many.

Benítez always delivers

It was on the Canary Islands, Tenerife, when Ale made his first team debut in LaLiga SmartBank. A few months have passed and, thanks to his hard work, the player from Mijas has found his place on the team. In Las Palmas he had to deal with the skilful Pejiño and showed his qualities in defence. Benítez, another product from the youth ranks who always delivers.

Pellicer’s changes

The coach was superb in terms of the direction of the game. Following a first half featuring a textbook defence, in the second half he sought fresh legs to unbalance the home side both with the ball and in defence. As such, with the entrance of Joaquín and Stefan, Blue and White scorers, plus the oxygen provided by Benkhemassa, MCF had the required dynamism to achieve a positive result.

Numbers 13 and 7

After 35 matches up to now, virtual permanency in the category looks a cert with 49 points. Looking at the stats, with 21 points left in play, we are 13 above the relegation zone. For the dreamers, we are 7 away from the teams marking the playoff positions (Real Sporting and Rayo Vallecano). In any event, we can only describe the season so far in one word: outstanding.

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