Juande: “This is a very special year for me”

The homegrown player, in his first year as a professional is earning his stripes on the team: “With attitude, hard work and sacrifice, things will come”.


28/11/2020 12:47


“The first half was a struggle for us, they came out strong and piled the pressure on. In the second half, with 10 men, we were far better. We showed that with attitude the team can beat anyone, even with one less player. The coach said during half-time to believe in ourselves, that this was an important day as we were going to take a step forward and turn things around, We all believed, which you could see on the pitch. We’re happy with the point”.

No time to celebrate

“I hadn’t scored a goal for many years and now I seem to be doing pretty well in that regard. The important thing is that we scored a point and now we’re focused on the match against Fuenlabrada, there’s no time for celebrating. Things are happening so fast and in four days we have another crucial match”.

A year we’ll never forget

“It’s very special as this is my first year as a professional. I’m always very eager, trying to improve every day and as I always say; with attitude, hard work and sacrifice, little by little things will come”.

Those who are always there

“I must thank my family, my girlfriend and her family, my friends…everyone who has been supporting me in the tough times. They suffer more than me as they see it from the outside. I’m very happy as they’re very happy”.

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