Juande: “The goal was a reward for all the effort”

The homegrown defender, who scored the winning goal against Sporting, emphasised after the match that “the team has hit if off incredibly well, which you can see on the pitch”.


23/10/2020 10:37

Analysis of the 1-0

"I’m very happy as the match went very well. Now we must move on, enjoy the victory, but shift focus to Sunday’s match. LaLiga is such a long competition, there are many matches, and we need to continue along this line”.

Goal and victory

"I remain with the work of the entire team. The goal was a reward for all the effort and hard work undertaken during the week”.


The team has hit if off incredibly well, which you can see on the pitch. We’re a close-knit group and very united”.

13 points already

"We’ve obtained many points which, in the end, is very important to boost confidence. You can see we’re a very supportive, united team, the points are going in the pot, and the team’s effort is evident”.


"The fans’ enthusiasm is boundless, they are supporting us from home, hopefully they’ll soon be back in the stadium. We will keep up the fight, with our feet firmly on the ground and go for the three points in every match”.

Talking about... Juande

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