José Alberto: “We were missing from this match, we can’t allow this”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference after the match against Burgos CF, corresponding to LaLiga SmartBank matchday 18. “Everyone needs to improve and take a step forward,” he said.


27/11/2021 18:32

The Blue and White coach spoke to the media after today’s defeat at El Plantío. “The game we knew was going to be played was played. A direct Burgos, accumulating players very well on the inside to gain the second play, and from then on, vertical. The reality is that we need to be much more forceful and aggressive to compete in a real game. Burgos were highly superior throughout, the result is fair,” said José Alberto.

Regarding the Malaguistas’ performance today, the coach is critical: “To win a football match you need to win duels, be aggressive and strong in the areas. The reality is we didn’t win a duel. We were missing from this match. This can’t be allowed, we represent a great club, and we can’t allow this to happen. We must be self-critical. Everyone needs to improve and take a step forward,” he added.

He wanted to send a message to the fans who travelled to Burgos to support the team, despite the adverse weather conditions. “I want to apologise to the fans who came here because they saw a very poor match.”

José Alberto isn’t using the snow or cold temperatures as an excuse. “Today’s game was miles away from what I want to see from my team. There are no excuses. The team has to come here to compete and stand up to the rival, they need to win actions and be forceful. We disappeared after the first goal. We can’t make excuses, it’s not about absent players or the cold. Both teams were playing in the cold, and the pitch was in a spectacular condition for play,” he said.