José Alberto: “We want to make the most of the positive dynamic”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference in the lead-up to #BurgosMálaga, corresponding to matchday 18 of LaLiga SmartBank. “Any player who is in the starting-11 gives their best level,” he said.


26/11/2021 13:42

The Malaguista coach spoke to the media at La Rosaleda Stadium’s ‘Juan Cortés’ press room ahead of the clash with Burgos CF. In regard to the injuries that have arisen over the last few days, José Alberto said they are “football things.”

“It’s been studied that there are more injuries in November. Now we’re accumulating more casualties. They are important players to us for what they bring to the team. Of that there’s no doubt. However, we’re not thinking about who is unable to play, but the solutions within the squad to replace the absences. Any player who is in the starting-11 gives their best level,” he affirmed.

The team is facing a difficult rival. According to the Asturian coach: “They are a very direct side, with clear ideas, effective in their own area and with players who move quickly. They are a newly promoted team with background and experience.”

“It’ll be a typical match of this division, very hard-fought. We’ll need to be strong in our area and in the rival area,” said José Alberto about tomorrow’s rival.

With the determination of claiming the first three points away from the Costa del Sol, the coach said that the only thing that worries him is “that the team is competitive, doesn’t give anything away to the rival, continues along the same line and improves. We must fix our mistakes and enhance what we’re doing well. We need a perfect match. There’s such a determination to win,” he identified as key points to maintain the Blue and White streak.

Given the possibility of adverse weather conditions affecting the pitch, José Alberto said: “I’m not worried about anything that I can’t control. I think the pitch will be fine, and if it’s not, we’ll adapt. We’ll focus on the job we have to do, compete at the highest level, and adjust to the circumstances.”

In regard to the team’s place in the standings, a point away from the playoffs, he said: “The motivation is to win the next match. The table at the end of each match matters little to us. We want to make the most of the positive dynamic. Dynamics exist in football, we’ve come from two victories and will try our best to make it three.”